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Secret of Evermore (SNES) - 1:54 (unassisted speedrun, played in one sitting) - Saturn

by Saturn

Published 2013

Secret of Evermore - Any% speedrun in 1:54 by Saturn, recorded in February 3, 2013.

Author's comments:
This is my most recent attempt in a serious any% speedrun, aiming for fastest completion time without restrictions. It was mainly recorded for comparison reasons to see how much time can be saved over the glitchless attempt by including the traditional Atlas Glitch and various sequence breaks not allowed in the other run. It should also be noted that this run skips the entire intro for an additional gain of ~4,5 minutes.

After a couple of practice runs and some strategy tuning, I managed to come up with a completely new approach for the 1st Prehistoria world, which is heavily based on necessary ingredient pickups, as well as the attack-formula spread to increase total damage per cast, allowing to eliminate all leveling up delays entirely.

At the 2nd Antiqua world I use the forced 15 minute waiting time to quickly get cash through a mix of killing enemies and trading in the Nobilia market (where I luckily even get the Chocobo Egg in one of the Ceramic Pots), as well as leveling up the Atlas formula for the glitch including its execution.

I also skip the Barrier formula this time to replace it with Aura, which due to the much faster boss fights through the Atlas glitch just barely suffices despite it's limited availability. That was also the reason why I sacrificed some time to buy and equip the strongest armor, to increase the surviving chances in case of running out of Aura casts.

The run is recorded on an emulator for easier capturing and better analysing possibilities, but is thoroughly played in unassisted console conditions in one sitting.


To playback the videos, VLC Media Player is recommended.

The run is also available on YouTube.

Run time 2:08:28
Producer Saturn
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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